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Construction sector key to economic development

A local construction company says the construction sector continues to be among the top performing sectors that is contributing to tremendous economic growth in Zambia.
DMK Construction and Outdoor Branding Proprietor David Kapoma tells Money FM News that the country has witnessed massive investment in the construction sector both from the government and the private sector.
Mr. Kapoma says the construction sector should be used as a driver in creating quality jobs for the local people saying this will help in alleviating poverty ad sufferings of the people.
He said in order to grow the sector, it is important that the government improves on paying the contractors on time.
He added that this will help in the construction companies creating permanent and reliable jobs.
“One of the constraints that we face in the construction sector is unreliable payments by the government. This makes it difficult for us to sustain our operations, expand our businesses and employ more people, more especially the youths,” he said.
Mr. Kapoma said for Zambia to grow the economy, it is important that more jobs are created thereby increasing economic activities.

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