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TPAZ concerned with capital flights in timber industry

The Timber Producers Association of Zambia (TPAZ) has expressed concern that there is a lot of capital flight in the timber industry.
The association has also observed the need for Zambia to thorough market all sectors of the economy in order to grow the revenue base.
TPAZ Vice President Charles Masange has told Money FM News via telephone that it is not a secret that the country has not marketed itself to the international community in arears such as timber, tourism, agro-processing, fisheries and livestock among others.
Mr. Masange said Zambia on this front of sector marketing, is lagging behind.
The TPAZ Vice President has also stated that the timber industry did not perform to the expectations of the timber players.
He said this is because revenue from the sector continues to be shrinking due to a number of reasons.
Mr. Masange stated that the sector’s contribution could have been positive if the government had introduced the Zambia Auction Floors that are supposed to be set up in all the ten provinces.
He insisted that the timber industry is among the key sectors that some countries such as DRC and Angola are taking advantage of in growing their economies.
Mr. Masange said government should stop the over dependency on the mining industry and accelerate the economic diversification agenda.

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