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Public Officers in FIC Report urged to resign- Mtayachalo

Former General Secretary-National Energy Sector and Allied Workers Union (NESAWU) called for immediate resignation of all public officers who have been mentioned in the Financial Intelligence Centre’s report.
Yotam Mtayachalo tells Money FM News that the figures reviewed in the report during the year under review are not only frightening but also unprecedented in the history of the country.
Mr Mtayachalo said the most honourable thing individuals named in the report is to make the work of President lighter by resigning on moral grounds so that investigative wings of government can further probe these allegations.
He says the move will accord an opportunity for those who are innocent to be cleared of any wrongdoing while those found wanting must be punished severely so that it can serve as a deterrent to would be offenders.
“corruption is a very serious cancer which must not be fought lightly because it undermines economic development and the fight against poverty,’’ He said.
“It is very unfortunate that these allegations are coming out amid rapidly failing economy and it is an open secret that the government is struggling to meet its financial obligations”
Mr Mtayachalo has since called upon President Edgar Lungu to rise to the occasion and take a decisive action by sending all the named officials on forced leave if they can’t step down on their own voluntarily.
He further urged President Lungu to consider appointing an elite task force on corruption comprising officers from the Zambia Police (ZP), Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Zambia Intelligence Security Services (ZISS) respectively to probe these allegations of suspected plunder of public resources.

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