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Yellow Card campaign demands respect of public funds

An awareness raising campaign and protest against corruption has disclosed that it is working to ensure that the government and other corrupt entities begin to respect public resources.
Yellow Card campaign participant Fumba Chama says they want to highlight how much money they are losing to corruption, fraud and money laundering.
Mr. Chama says members of the public need to be awake to the dangers of such illegal activities to the economy and the impact they have on their livelihoods.
He says in an interview with Money FM news that the campaign is a way of mobilizing citizens to start demanding accountability from their leaders and drive the developmental agenda.
Mr. Chama says the campaign is a warning which will graduate into a red card movement if no change is made regarding the management of public resources.
In a related development, the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has observed the need to build a citizenry that will demand accountability from the country’s leadership and influence the developmental agenda.
NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale tells Money FM News that citizens need to participate actively in economic issues than letting leaders alone run all the economic activities.
Ms. Mwale says limited participation by the citizens widens the fiscal gap and is one of the reasons for the high poverty levels in the country.
This is following various publications that have shown that corruption activities in Zambia are on the rise especially in the public sector and are negatively affecting the country’s economic performance and increasing inequalities.

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