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2020 national budget submissions to close 31st July 2019

The Ministry of Finance has advised Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to make formal policy suggestions to the ministry as government prepares for the 2020 National Budget.
Ministry Spokesperson Chileshe Kandeta says the deadline for Submissions is 31st July 2019 and concerned organisations should uitilise the open window while it is still open.
Mr. Kandeta says in an interview with Money FM news that CSOs should avoid running to the media to make certain pronouncement as the government is the responsible organ for policy formulation.
Some Players in the Transport sector have called on government to consider improving transports infrastructure in the country as they prepare the 2020 national Budget.
The Commutors rights Association says in an interview with Money FM News that there is need to improve local bus routes and buses to ensure convenience for passengers.
Association President Aaron Kamuti says government should also consider revising taxes for operators and put in place a user-friendly Value-Added Tax (VAT).
Mr. Kamuti charges that the conditions in the operating environment do not improve despite them paying their dues to the relevant authorities.
Speaking in a separate Interview, Public Private Drivers Association President Josiah Mujuru has noted the need to urgently repair major roads which are deplorable.
Mr. Mujuru has cited the Great North Road which he says is likely to get worse in the near future.
The ministry of finance says it is open for submissions for the 2020 national budget from civil society, the private sector and other economic players up to the 31st of July 2019.

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