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Auditor Generals Report recorded K134 million unaccounted for.

The latest Auditors General Report for the financial year ended 31st December 2018 has recorded an increase in unaccounted for funds from K6 million in 2017 to K134 million in 2018.
According to a statement issued by Office of the Auditor General Head of Public Relations Ellen Chikale, today the reports say uncollected revenue was the highest irregularity at K418 million.
She adds that the report highlights unacquited inputs amounting to K24 million under the Farmer Input Support Programme.
She states that another irregularity was underdelivered material, which jumped from K1 million in 2017 to K9 million in 2018.
Ms. Chikale says there being no evidence of how the missing stores items were received, utilized or disposed and is becoming of great concern to the Auditors General office as it could be a way of siphoning public resources.
The report has however also seen some reductions in unaccounted for funds from 31 million kwacha in 2017 to 26 thousand kwacha, Irregular payments from 22 million kwacha in 2017 to 13 million kwacha in 2018, Unretired accountable imprest from 4 million kwacha in 2017 to 668 thousand kwacha and wasteful expenditure from 8 million kwacha to 223 thousand kwacha.

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