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Export of 83, 000 metric tonnes of maize receive kudos.

KAYPRO Research Institute (KRI) says the government’s decision to allow the export of 83,000 metric tonnes of maize under the early maize programme is a step in the right direction.
Institute Chief Executive Officer Dr Frank Kayula told Money FM News in an interview that the move will accord farmers an opportunity to export their products through the organizations they are affiliated to.
Dr Kayula, however, said for the country to be able to export and also have food security, the government must ensure that it does not only open borders for export but also open them for import of the same grain so as to maintain the commodity that is required.
“The government has done one of the best things ever to ensure that the borders are open and farmers can be able to export through the organizations they belong to,” Dr Kayula said.
He added that those who intend to import maize should be allowed to go ahead so that part of the imports can beef up the country’s food security, while the other part can be re-exported in order to maintain trade partnerships that the country has created.
“But our appeal is that they should not just open for export but those who want to import can be allowed to import so that part of the import remains in the country to beef up the country’s food security, while the other part can be re-exported in order to maintain the trade partnerships that we have created,” Dr Kayula said.
Government has allowed the export of 83,000 metric tonnes of grain under the early maize programme.
Minister of Agriculture Michael Katambo recently disclosed that the ban on maize exports is still in effect, but that the export of the 83,000 metric tonnes will be done under a special arrangement with commercial farmers through the Zambia National Farmers Union to grow early maize, which is usually planted in October.

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