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Pupils urged to adhere to health guidelines

Examination Classes across the country have reopened after closing prematurely for over two months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This follows President Edgar Lungu’s recent directive for examination classes in both Primary and Secondary Schools to resume lessons today Monday 1st June, 2020 on condition that all public health guidelines, regulations and certification are enforced.

A check by Money FM News at Lusaka’s Jacaranda Primary School, found grade 7 and 9 pupils already in class wearing homemade masks and observing social distance while other health measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus such as handing washing facilities and soap are already put in place.

Speaking in an interview, Parents and Teacher Committee (PTC) at the School has urged pupils to study hard and pay attention in class so that they catch up for the lost time.

Committee Chairperson Roberta Ngosa said the School is ready for reopening because there is strict adherence to all the set health guidelines.

“As a school we are ready for reopening, we have put in place all the required health measures, we are observing the social distance in classes and we have told our children to mask up.”

“I urge pupils to study hard and pay attention in class so that they catch up for the lost time. I have been talking to them so much about studying because as you know they are in examination classes,” Ms. Ngosa said.

Ms. Ngosa also called on parents to allow their children to report for school because the institution has put in places all the necessary health measures, hence there is no need for them to worry about the safety of the pupils.

“I am also assuring my fellow parents that we are set and there is nothing to worry about. They should allow their children to report for school,” she stated.

Meanwhile, some pupils talked to have thanked government for allowing them to go back to school.

Evelina Banda, a grade pupil has urged her fellow pupils to ensure they follow the health guidelines to avoid spreading the virus.

Another Pupil Mirriam Muhao says she is happy that examination classes have reopened, as this will make it possible for them to transition to the next grade.

“We are grateful to government for allowing us to reopen today because we are in examination classes and we need enough time to prepare for exams,” she said.

“I am encouraging other pupils to observe all the health guidelines like masking up and washing hands thoroughly with soap.”

Recently, President Edgar Lungu directed that Examination classes in both Primary and secondary Schools should reopen today 1st June 2020 on condition that schools enforce all public health guidelines, regulations and certification.

He also directed the Ministry of Health and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to ensure that face masks, hand washing soaps and sanitizers are prioritized to all schools and health centers for distribution and use starting with those in examination classes.

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