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SAFADA calls for implementation of proper market and trading patterns

The Small Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA) has called on the government to implement a proper framework on how best to improve market and trading patterns in the Agriculture sector to avoid complaints on maize floor prices from farmers.
SAFADA Executive Director Boyd Moobwe tells Money FM News that government has a lot of policies written down with intent aimed to benefit farmers, which are not implemented making it hard for the farming industry to fully develop.
“If only there was a proper framework on how best marketing and trading patterns should take place, cries from farmers on pricing of maize would completely be avoided,” he said.
Mr. Moobwe adds that the current policies written down just end up being abused instead of actually helping farmers hence there is need for consultations to be held with companies who have solutions to benefit the sector.
“We have policies aimed at improving these challenges but they are not implement instead they are just on paper hence they end up being abused and not helping farmers,” he concluded.
Recently, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) announced the price of for white maize to be K110 per 50Kg, K140 per 50Kg bag for soya beans and K70 per 40Kg bag of paddy rice which sparked disagreement tension among farmer.

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