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Plans to introduce mobile filling stations are welcome- Energy expert

• Mobile filling stations will reduce the use of contaminated fuel which usually destroys people vehicles.
• There is need to have constant supply of fuel on the market.
• Oil industry’s need to be more innovative deploy strategies that will bring about development in this field.

An energy expert says an introduction to mobile filling stations in the country will eliminate the possibility of having adulterated fuel.
Speaking in an interview with Money FM News, Johnstone Chikwanda says due to long distances between towns especially in the rural parts of the country, people are forced to stop by the road side to refuel using contaminated fuel.
“The introduction of mobile filling stations will save peoples vehicles from the harm which is triggered by the unclean fuel which is sold by the roadside,” he said.
Mr. Chikwanda added that with increased availability of fuel, the country will have an increase in productivity.
The energy expert said there is need to have the commodity on the market to encourage productivity which will have a positive impact on the economy.
“As you have more and more fuel, it means you are having security of supply. This means there is adequate supply, vehicles are moving, people are moving, goods and services are being moved about optimally which results into creating and improving the bottom line of an economy,” he added.
“With increased availability of fuel, there is increased productivity which is want we need at this particular time. We do not want scarcity of a commodity as sensitive as fuel.”
He has since called upon the oil industry to come up with innovative ways and begin to deploy strategies that will bring about development or initiatives that have not been seen before in this market space.

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