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SAFADA calls for actualization of agriculture funds

• There are a number of funding projects that have been put in place by government.
• There is need to analyze the funding process.
• Small scale farmers have been struggling for years.

Small Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA) has called on government to actualize funds that are meant to benefit small scale farmers in sustaining their agriculture activities.
Organization Executive Director Boyd Moobwe told Money FM News in an interview that there has been a number of funding projects that have been put in place by government but most small scale farmers across the country are still facing challenges in their line of production and supply.
Mr Moobwe said there is need for government to monitor the funds in order to ensure that they are being used for the intended purposes.
“We hear there is funding for this but we should be asking ourselves why are we not progressing, of course government is trying by all means to help through stakeholders in the agriculture sector to address our concern but what is the impact? We should not just be spending money for the sake of spending, “Mr. Moobwe said.
He stated that government must also analyze where the process is going wrong because it takes time for farmers to access their funds.
Mr Moobwe said by doing so, people will not just focus on being formally employed but can still venture into farming as a way of making a living and income.
“Our Small scale farmers have been struggling for years and years and we have heard projects coming with millions of euros and dollars. I think we need to check and analyze where it is that we have gone wrong,” he advised.

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