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ZEHEST calls for accelerated industrialization

• Every Zambian must own land for farming.
• Agriculture is the corner stone of the economy.
• KK’s legacy of industrialization must be embraced and revived.

Zambia Empowerment Hub for Entrepreneurship and Skills Training (ZEHEST) has called on government to ensure that land is easily accessible to all citizens as it is a birth right.
Organization Executive Director Clarence Muzyamba told Money FM News in an interview that every Zambian needs land for farming and establishment of skills training centres in all districts across the country as an empowerment tool.
Mr. Muzyamba noted that Agriculture is the corner stone of the country’s economy, therefore Poverty and hunger will be a thing of the past if all Zambians embrace farming.
“We want Zambians to be empowered with land because land is a birth right. We need land for farming and construction of skills training centres in all the districts of Zambia as a way of empowering our people. We want all Zambians for production.”
“Agriculture is the corner stone of our economy. Poverty and hunger will be a thing of the past if we all embrace farming,” Mr. Muzyamba said.
He also stressed the need to revive late first Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s legacy of industrialization.
Mr. Muzyamba said industrialization will bring about job and wealth creation amongst citizens and in turn raise the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
“We also want KK’s legacy of industrialization to be embraced and revived. Dr. Kaunda introduced various industries, manufacturing and processing plants across the country. I am sure my fellow citizens remember the Livingstone motor assembly plant, Chipata Bicycle Factory, Kapiri Glass Products, and Mwinilunga Pineapple Factory. These industries are what we need for us to grow our economy. Industrialization will bring job and wealth creation amongst our people and in turn raise our country’s GDP,” he noted.

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