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BuyZed expects removal of taxes on imported raw materials

• BuyZed is expecting economic activities to grow.
• The organization further expects more incentives in production areas.
• Zambians need to be patriotic in order to grow the economy.

BuyZed Campaign says it is expecting government to remove all taxes on imported raw materials.
Organization Founder Evans Ngoma told Money FM News in an interview that government must provide all incentives required for manufacturing purposes to help increase economic activities this year.
Mr. Ngoma stated that the organization anticipates heightened economic activities beyond its nominal expectations with regards to procurement of goods and services.
He noted that despite challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic which have many countries to their knees, Zambia is on the right track with regards to economic recovery.
“From now on we are expecting economic activities to grow and exceed our nominal expectations as regards to procurement of goods as well as services. We are expecting more incentives in the areas where we begin to produce. If we are producing and we need an imported ingredient, we are expecting government to remove all the taxes accompanied by bringing such kind of raw material,” Mr. Ngoma stated.
Meanwhile, Mr. Ngoma called on Zambians to be patriotic and contribute to the growth of the economy by supporting local products.
“When it comes to food staffs, we have made very big strides and this was evident at a time when government imposed a total ban on importation of onion as well as tomatoes. We saw Zambia as a country supplying itself although along the way there were some curtails that had to compel government to lift the ban.”
“These are kind of people who are not patriotic to Zambia, yes they could have gone outside the country and sourced the same products presumed to be out of stock but, farmers in the far flung areas had onion as well as table potatoes, we need to be patriotic in order for us to grow our own economy. The economies where we are getting these things are at the levels where they are because they were supported by the local people themselves,” he said.

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