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Eradicate conductors from Buses – CRAZ

• They are not helping the situation.
• They are the first people to abuse the rights of passengers.
• We want to see sanity in the sector.

Commuter Rights Association of Zambia (CRAZ) reveals it is coming up with a proposal to eradicate Bus Conductor operations from Public Service Buses to bring sanity in the transport sector.

Association President Aaron Kamuti told Money FM News in an interview that CRAZ has received a number of reports from commuters of abuse by conductors especially at a time like this when bus fare talks are on the peak.

Mr. Kamuti argued that bus conductors cannot be accepted in the service as Bus owners have refused to employ them, stating that they are instead employed by Bus Drivers.

He has since stated that the Association is writing to Road Transport and Safety Agency to either compel operators to employ Conductors or eradicate them completely stating that it is better Zambia goes the south African way where the driver collects money from Commuters considering there are low crime rates.

“As an Association we are coming up with a proposal of which we want to see the total eradication of Bus conductors,” He said

“The reason is simple, they are not helping the situation we have received number of reports especially at this particular time when we talk about reduction of the bus fares and increasing the bus fares.” Adding that, “they are the first people to abuse the rights of the passengers.”

Mr. Kamuti indicated that just as cadres where removed from Bus Stations the association also wants conductors to be removed from the premises.

“So we want to see sanity in the sector, we are proposing that we totally eradicate the presence of the conductors on buses and we just have to go the South African way where we don’t need anyone to be collecting money on behalf of the operators since they have refused to take them on board or employ them,” Mr Kamuti stated.

He interrogates why conductors should be accepted by passengers that have been abused and harassed by the same people if operators have refused to employ them.

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