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Over 86, 000 Grade 12 candidates obtain School certificates

• This represents 69.39% or 2.16% increase from 67.15% in 2021.
• 35,554, representing 28.41% candidates obtained Statements of Results.
• 2,859 or 2.28% failed the examination, while national absenteeism rate was 1.68 percent.

Minister of Education has disclosed that 86, 732 Grade 12 candidates have obtained School certificates, out of the 125, 145 candidates who sat for the examinations in 2022.
Announcing the Results in Lusaka, Douglas Syakalima, this represents 69.39% or 2.16% increase from 67.15% in 2021.
Mr. Syakalima said a total of 35,554, representing 28.41% candidates obtained Statements of Results, while 2,859 or 2.28% failed the examination.
He further stated that the national absenteeism rate was 1.68 percent, reflecting a decrease by 0.06 percentage points from 1.74 percent in 2021.
“As can be observed, the School Certificate pass rate is moving closer to the desired 70% and above. This aspiration is based on the fact that only those who have Junior Secondary School Leaving Certificates proceed to sit the School Certificate examination.”
“It is therefore desired in future, components of our education system should work to ensure that not more than one third of the candidates fail to make the School Certificate at this level,” Mr. Syakalima said.
He observed that boys did better than girls, but the overall candidate performance was better in 2022 when compared to 2021, especially in practical subjects, as the mean scores for all the practical subjects were above 50 percent.
“Analysis of performance by subject revealed that the highest mean percentage was recorded in Food and Nutrition 70.0%, followed by Design and Technology 66.42% and French 66.36%. Lower mean percentages were recorded in Mathematics 27.51%, Science 29.81% and History 34.24%,” he noted.
Meanwhile, Mr. Syakalima observed that although there were no reported cases of examination leakages, there were 97 individuals and 15 whole centre cases of suspected malpractices.
“The cases were predominantly of Assistance in nature. The subjects that were affected for both individual and whole centre examination malpractice included Mathematics, Science, Biology and Civic Education. The results for the affected candidates have been withheld and the cases will be considered by the relevant Committee of Council at the next scheduled meeting.”
And ECZ Director Dr. Michael Chilala said abolition of 100 percent progression to grade 8 is expected to bring about an improvement in performance in the years to come.
Dr. Chilala urged the Ministry of Education to consider reforming the secondary school education system during the ongoing review of the curriculum in order to improve the performance of the pupils once at tertiary education level.

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