Government urges Authors to understand copyright concepts

• The book policy will be tabled and relooked into.
• This is to ensure that writers are not exploited by printers but help them generate income after publication.
• Authors should spend most of their energies beyond authoring.

Ministry of Education has urged Authors in the country to protect their publications by understanding what copyright is all about.
Speaking at the Professional Authors International Conference, Permanent Secretary Joel Kamoko also stressed the need for the country to embrace Authorship as an enterprise in order to emulate and compete with advanced developed nations in the world.
Mr. Kamoko assured the authors that the book policy will be tabled and relooked into to ensure that writers are not exploited by printers but help them generate income after publication.
“Professionally, we need the right authorities to write on what they know better than always referring to the history. You the authors have a bigger role to play beyond this association.”
“There is more for you and me in this country, let’s spend most of our energies beyond authoring, reminding citizens that we owe it to ourselves to succeed,” Mr. Kamoko stated.
And Mr. Kamoko disclosed that Government has constructed over 300,000 1 by 3 classroom blocks across the country to enhance provision of quality of education.
He said this follows the introduction of the free education policy which requires more classroom space, desks, teachers, learning and teaching materials.
Meanwhile, Professional Authors International University Chairperson, Professor Joseph Kanyanga applauded government for the milestones scored in the education sector such as the inclusion of scholarships for skills development under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and enhanced funding levels for student loans to the Higher Education Loans and Scholarship Board.
Professor Kapyanga said other notable achievements include the Higher Education Amendment Act No. 23 of 2021, which consolidates and strengthens the participation of the private sector in the higher education sub-sector, the recently produced Draft 2023 Zambia Education Curriculum Framework (ZECF), and progress on the Access to Information Bill which will enhance research and information gathering for book writing.
“In support of government’s efforts to change the Zambian development landscape and in particular efforts towards making the education sector more responsive to society needs , the Professional Authors International propose the following strategic areas of collaboration with government through the Ministry of Education.”
“Creation and sustenance of an enlightened citizenry through establishment of professional authorship clubs in Zambian schools and support government institutional and policy reforms through active participation in the private universities forum under the university education department.”
He added that the institution also wishes to work with government in creating a repository of Zambian indigenous knowledge systems by writing books on Zambian culture and value system in partnership with the House of Chiefs.
Professor Kapyanga further stressed the need to revive and strengthen national patriotism by writing books on Zambia’s socio-economic development profile in partnership with the three arms of government, which are the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary
And speaking in an interview with Money FM News on the sidelines of the a Graduation ceremony, Professional Authors International Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Chitumbo said the institution has so far trained 55 Authors who have published various books in the diaspora.
Mr. Chitumbo stated that training individuals as authors is vital as it gives factual and in-depth information.
“The local Zambian concept of training authors is being supported by 41 countries so far,” Mr. Chitumbo said.
He urged Government and other stakeholders to promote authorship in schools because the skill of writing can earn one an income after selling their books and be able to sustain their lives.

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