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ZANAMACA urges Govt to allocate part of CDF towards market construction

• Members of Parliament must consider channeling part of funds to construction of markets.
• Areas such as the Lusaka Central district are congested due to lack of proper markets.
• Putting up more markets will not only help curb street vending but also bring sanity.

Zambia National Marketeers Credit Association (ZANAMACA) has called on Members of Parliament working closely with Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Committees to consider channeling part of the funds to the construction of markets countrywide.
Speaking to Money FM News, Association President Mupila Kameya says areas such as the Lusaka Business District are congested due to lack of proper markets in various constituencies.
He stated that putting up more markets will not only help curb street vending but also bring sanity.
“About 95% of markets across the country are in dilapidated state, a situation that has brought businesses opportunities down for most local traders and shop owners,” Mr. Kameya said.
He said all these markets need rehabilitation to make them attractive as well as provide locals with self-employment opportunities.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kameya further urged Government to directly work with the people in the informal sector to ensure that it resolved the challenges affecting the marketeers in the country.
“Government should also make it easier for marketeers to get loans from the CDF empowerment so that more marketeers are able to boost their businesses,” he added.

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