CSO-SUN predicts rise in food prices.

The Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance (CSO-SUN) has predicted a rise in food prices following the hike in electricity tariffs and fuel pump prices.

CSO –SUN Country Coordinator Mathews Mhuru observed that the recent hike in power and fuel prices by the Energy Regulation Board will make it challenging for ordinary Zambians to buy food.
Mr. Mhuru said the double shock of food and scarcity and fuel price rise represents a threat to basic survival for citizens already struggling to meet their daily food and nutritional needs caused by climatic changes which affected yields in the previous farming season.

‘We anticipate an increase in the cost of producing food following the rise in electricity tariffs which will be exacerbated by increased transport cost which will be passed on to a consumer who is currently grappling to meet their daily food and nutritional needs,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Mhuru has disclosed that the CSO-SUN has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s decision to reduce his salary and that of his cabinet.

He said the salary reduction of between the range of 15 and 20percent will help cushion the impact on citizens arising from the increase in fuel and electricity tariffs.
“The decision to reduce salaries for high ranking government officials is long overdue and the President should seriously consider taking the money realized towards meeting the nutritional needs of those that have completely nothing to eat,” Mr. Mhuru stated.
He disclosed that reports of death caused by hunger have been reported in Gwembe and Shangombo and this should compel the Head of State to seriously consider supporting those affected by hunger.

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